Summer Camps

Summer Camp Schedule (click here)

Kindergarten Readiness Camp

Get ready to learn, play, and grow! Campers practice the social and early learning skills that will support their transition into Kindergarten.  This readiness camp is designed to provide young learners the opportunity to take the first steps toward reading, writing,  and attending to a new routine in a small group setting. Campers also practice social  & cooperative play skills may make transitioning to kindergarten something to look forward to!

It’s Elementary My Dear!

This mystery themed camp aims to turn your child into

summer camp soical skills

a detective by providing the opportunity to expand vocabulary, strengthen reading comprehension, and improve social skills with this beloved genre. Campers will identify and analyze clues found in popular children’s literature to improve reading comprehension and inferencing skills. In addition to reading skills, students will be given the tools to identify both verbal and non-verbal clues that are the key to developing a greater social awareness, improving social skills, and forming friendships in the elementary years.  These skills will be practiced through riddles, games, role-play,  and with video modeling techniques.

Tech Camps

Working in a group just became a whole lot more fun! Students strengthen executive functioning skills such as organization, planning, time management, and working memory effortless in these hands-on “real-world” projects.  Students practice collaboration,  negotiation techniques, and compromise while taking turns participating in various leadership roles within the group.   Designed to strengthen both academic and social skills, this camp is sure to be out of this world!