Spring Schedule


Social Explorers


SOCIAL EXPLORERS classes begin Tuesday3/14 at 5:30 pm. Classes feature small group instruction for students in kindergarten through second grade. Classes meet each week for 90-minute sessions that focus on building foundational play and social skills. We use evidence based practices including video modeling and social scripts to help students build healthy friendships and learn social boundaries while engaging in cooperative play. 



Social Mappers


SOCIAL Mappers classes begin Wednesday 3/15 at 5:30 pm. Weekly classes focus on expanding conversation skills to engage with peers in a variety of situations. We use video modeling programs to help students identify both verbal and nonverbal cues from peers in order to make better social choices  Weekly themed lessons traits that will benefit learners in all environment including good sportsmanship, compromising, and building friendships through common interests.



Social Navigators


Social Navigators classes begin Thursday, March 16, 20017 at 5:30 pm. Students learn the skills needed to navigate the complex worlds of both middle school and high school. Weekly themes focus on mastering higher level social skills, managing social media, and dating. Groups will be divided by age, level, and areas interest.