AfterSchool Groups

Social Skills are the only group of skills that people are expected to know without being explicitly taught.  Without this competency, many are excluded or reprimanded when they do not follow the unwritten rules. This leaves many children, teens, and adults feeling insecure and hesitant to join in group activities or play. While some may prefer their own company at times, no man is an island. At Oh, HI! we believe that all people can learn these skills when provided with a supportive environment. We give individuals the tools to gain the confidence needed to navigate the social world. By incorporating technology and students’ interests, we make it fun too!

Designed by two BCaBAs, our classes incorporate a variety of evidence-based practices including video modeling, role-play, and social scripts. These methods help learners identify both verbal and non-verbal cues to use as a guide with peers. Classes are grouped by age, skill level, and individual interests.

Social Explorers

Young explorers will practice the foundational skills needed to develop meaningful friendships with peers. Weekly sessions target basic conversation skills, friendships, and manners.

Social Mappers

Students with basic conversation skills will learn the etiquette of successful play. Weekly themes focus on the traits that benefit learners in all environments including good sportsmanship, ability to compromise, & building friendships through all types of play.


Social Media Etiquette

Learn the skills needed to navigate the complex social worlds found in both middle school and high school and online. Weekly themes feature higher level social skills including negotiation, perspective taking, problem-solving, and sarcasm. Students also learn the basics of online etiquette and internet safety.