Oh, Hi! Social Skills ~About Us

Oh, Hi! Social Skills

Oh, Hi! Social Skills was founded by two BCaBAs, Jenna Hardwick and Sarah Glass.   Sarah’s oldest son was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. ” I felt like the captain of a ship that I had no idea how to sail. My only guidance was a map in a foreign language” Sarah recalled.  She returned to school and earned a degree in psychology in 2009 and became a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst in 2012.  What initially started as a path to help her son led to a passionate career helping other families.

Jenna and Sarah met in 2010 when Jenna became the lead on her son’s therapy team.  Sarah described Jenna as “a breath of fresh air. She had such good ideas, passion, and commitment to help my son reach his potential.”  The two soon realized that they had much in common and began working together shortly thereafter.  “We have fun at work and so do the kids, that’s how meaningful, lifelong learning begins!” Jenna said when she described her typical day in the field.

Jenna is also a mother of two children.  “I decided to focus on social skills because there is such a need in the community. All children benefit from social skills instruction but for some, it is a necessity” she explained.  Beyond social skills, Jenna also specializes in behavioral assessments and community engagement.

Jenna and Sarah are both passionate about teaching children and adults how to play or spend leisure time appropriately. “People often discount the importance of play. They forget that through play, children learn to problem solve, expand their language, develop abstract thoughts, and of course connect with others,” Sarah added.  Together, they have experience in ABA consultation services in the clinical setting, home programs, summer camps, and with local school districts. Their current practice includes individual behavior analytic services, behavioral assessments, school consulting as well as small group instruction in adaptive, social and study skills.